Top 10 Reason To Get More Involved

While it is not mandatory to be a member of your HOA board or to attend every meeting your HOA board has, there are some real benefits to becoming more involved. Whether you choose to do so regularly or just when you have a specific idea to share, here are ten great things you can accomplish by choosing to become more engaged:

Have an opportunity to share your ideas
Being on a board or simply attending board meetings is a great way to make sure that thoughts you have about the community are heard. Sometimes solutions are very simple to enact, you just have to make yourself heard!

Keep things you like the same
There are surely a lot of things you already like about your community, or you wouldn’t have moved there. Getting more involved in your HOA can ensure that you have a space to speak out toward those things remaining, or maybe even becoming better.

Change things you dislike
Anywhere you live will have some rules you may disagree with. If you have a good reason to change those things or a reasonable alternative, get involved with your HOA board. Their job is to help community members feel more satisfied with the community they live in, and it always helps to have more good ideas added to the mix.

Develop your leadership skills
Good leadership is a highly sought-after quality in any job or organization you go to today. Getting involved in your HOA can help you improve your leadership skills, and it can even be something you can add to your resume!

Understand why decisions are made
It is easy to see some decisions as confusing when you don’t have the context for why they were made. The more you get involved with your HOA, the more you will understand the circumstances surrounding the decisions that are made. Seeing the issues that your HOA board members are dealing with can help you appreciate them more and understand that they are doing the best they can. Better yet, if you still have ideas of how things can be done differently, speak up! They would surely appreciate your input and new ideas.

Grow closer to your community
Becoming more involved with your HOA will give you opportunities to plan more social events. These help to encourage the growth of relationships within your community and help everyone feel more rooted to the place they live.

Practice problem solving
Serving on an HOA board requires the discussion of many, sometimes tricky, problems faced by the community. Everyone wants to live somewhere nice, so it is important that you assist with solutions that help make everyone in the community happy. The more you do this, the better you’ll get, and your community members will thank you.

Protect your property value
One of the main reasons to live in an HOA community to begin with is the rules that help protect your property as well as any neighboring properties. Contributing to the decisions that are made in your HOA will help make sure that your community stays nice and can protect (or even increase) your property value!

Build relationships
Humans are social creatures. We like to live in communities together because it gives us a sense of belonging and establishment. The more you help to improve your HOA and solve tough problems with other members, the closer you will feel to them, and the more rewarding it will be for you to volunteer to help make their neighborhood nicer.

Make your community a better place
Lastly, of course one of the best reasons to do anything is out of pure altruism. People feel more satisfaction in life when they are committed to a cause bigger than themselves, and what better cause to support than the happiness and safety of you and your neighbors?

It is entirely up to you how involved you choose to be in your HOA. It can be a time-consuming endeavor, but for many people it is well worth the effort. Consider if the benefits of joining your HOA board or simply attending meetings are worth it to you, and get ready to help make the world around you a better place to be! For more information on our HOA Management services contact Your HOA today and learn what makes us different.

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