HOA’s: Self Management vs. Management Company

Self management can be a costly mistake for homeowner Associations. Volunteers often lack the experience to effectively take on the duties of Association management; collecting dues, paying bills, handling maintenance, record keeping, and rules enforcement. The best way to take pressure off your volunteer Board is to hire a professional to manage the day-to-day affairs[…]

The Benefits of Professional HOA Management for your community…

There are a number of benefits to having a professional HOA management company for your community. However there are also a number of common misconceptions about professional HOA management companies that may make residents skeptical of the benefits of hiring one. Before you decide that an HOA management company is NOT for you, make sure[…]

General Hierarchy of Authority for Governing Documents of Homeowner’s Associations

The general hierarchy of authority for governing documents is a loose one because not all documents address all issues involved in operating a community association. For operating a community association, the general hierarchy of authority among governing documents consists of: Recorded map, plat, or plan Declaration, CC&Rs Articles of incorporation Bylaws Board resolutions The bylaws[…]

Does Your Community Need a Property Management Company?

Many communities are unsure if they need a management company to oversee their association. Here are a few tips to help determine when associations should hire an HOA management company: Some smaller communities can easily manage themselves. Most of the residents in the community will volunteer to keep the neighborhood looking pleasant and plan social[…]

What Does Our Management Company Do?

Homeowners receive non-compliance notices from the management company. Homeowners send assessment checks to the management company. Homeowners report common area maintenance problems to the management company. So the management company makes all the important decisions regarding our community, right? WRONG! The management function of a Homeowners Association or Condominium Association is administrative in nature. The[…]