January 24, 2018

Your HOA Team

Your HOA’s team comes from diverse backgrounds with strong customer service skills. Team members are provided intensive and ongoing internal education that is always focused on prompt and professional customer service to ALL of our communities.

At Your HOA, we treat our team like family. We pride ourselves on team development, loyalty, and consistency. We strive to build and maintain consistent relationships at all times.

tim website 4Timothy A. Plunkett

Founder and CEO

“I feel that we are a new alternative to the large national corporations that are involved in HOA management today. Our communication is the key to the difference that Your HOA can make to your community.”

jenna websiteJenna L. Plunkett

Corporate Advisor

“We can save your association money just by using our services, it’s simple. We offer more for less money.”


taylor website 2Taylor M. Babbitt

Management Specialist

“The Best part of our job is the relationships that we make with the the board of directors. It’s like a family, we teach people how to work as a community… That’s what an HOA is… A community of homeowners.”

donita websiteDonita C. Willis

Administrative Assistant

“We aren’t just some big corporation that is out to take your money… we really do want to help you and your community succeed whenever we can.”


Ron websiteRon Boyle

Co-Founder and Business Partner (Conception – Mid 2016)

“We understand the importance of a customized and personal approach to managing every community; our services are not “one size fits all”. We listen to our clients, develop services to meet their needs, and partner with them to protect the value of their communities, their families, and their assets.”


2018 Board Of Directors:

Timothy A. Plunkett – Chairman

Ronald Boyle – General Member

Amanda Yockey – General Member

Jenna L. Plunkett – Board Secretary

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