Walker Farms, HOA - Annual Meeting Ballot (03/02/2022)
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2022 Board Candidates:

Below are the candidates for the 2022 Board of Directors for Walker Farms. Once you read through the information, please vote for your favorite (2) candidates.

Candidate 1: Courtenay Smock

Hello Neighbors, I'm Courtenay Smock. I have been your neighbor on Paisley Pointe since 2009, having served as your Board Vice President this past year, and would like to continue to serve You for years to come. Many of you may know me from Lowe's in Zionsville/Whitestown, in which I opened and have served the community for 14 years.

My main focuses for your Board include soliciting more feedback and involvement from residents, serving as your voice in the decision-making process, and working to maintain and improve the aesthetics as Walker Farms gets older. Thank You for your consideration...it's my pleasure to serve YOU!

Candidate 2: Kathryn Miller

Hi Everyone! I'm Kathryn Miller, and I've served as your Treasurer since the board took over in January 2019. I first ran for board because I was confused (and appalled) by the increased assessments from 2018. I didn't think it was necessary and I didn't like what was being done, so I decided to get involved. I wanted to do my part to keep costs low while improving our community.

My main contributions to the Board include budgeting, tracking payments / vendors, working with legal on collections, renegotiating contracts, and ensuring data gets updated on our website. I'd be honored to continue to serve you and Walker Farms for another 3 years, if re-elected.

Candidate 3: Vicki New

I am retired and feel I can contribute to the organization by physically being in the neighborhood and listening to the concerns and issues our neighbors have. I can distribute fliers and gather signatures and be a physical part of the board. I think since I am retired, this is an advantage of the time I have, that I can contribute to the organization. I believe in having access to the board members and being able to listen to their concerns and issues. I have served on many committees, in many organizations and lived in the area for 40 years.

I have owned my own business for 10yrs. and enjoy meeting with my neighbors and friends. I truly believe it is important for the Board Members to be active in the community and physically available and visible for everyone. I look forward to meeting more neighbors and friends as the weather warms up and we can be outside. Many people know us because we sit outside and work in our yard all summer. Thank you for considering me for this position.

Note: Please only vote for (2) candidates.

2022 Budget Approval

The 2022 Draft Budget is below. This has been prepared and edited for approval by the board of directors of Walker Farms, HOA along with the Team at Your HOA.
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