August 12, 2016


What are our clients saying about us?

From all the reviews and research we made in making a knowledgeable and careful decision for our community, we were most impressed with Your HOA Community Management Company right from the beginning. We were most importantly excited because of their attention to detail right up front in our needs, plan’s to move forward, personal attention, as well as their local existence. For them, they just don’t allow an association to choose them. They look at it as a two way street, as did our HOA. This proved to make a great partnership for us. We wanted a management company that was committed to us in partnership as we have had poor experiences with previous management companies that we had to advance our expectations. We now have a committed management company.

Our community manager, Tim and his staff show a commitment of interest for our community. We know that having a great working relationship and partnership is what makes things work well. They do their job well from start to finish.

– Board Member

Your HOA Community Management Company is the best there is in town. I love this HOA Management Company. They are the quickest and most efficient HOA Management Company I have dealt with trying to get HOA Letters for home closings. They make my life at work much easier. Keep up the good work. I wish I could order ALL of my HOA letters through you.

– First American Title

Easy to work with and Tim was very quick to reply to messages. I’ve had other HOA companies in other neighborhoods I’ve lived in and this one seems so much more pleasant to work with.

– Homeowner

I highly recommend “Your HOA Management Company, Inc because they are very thorough with everything they do. They have been very easy to work with and they are local!

– Board Member

As a member of the Board of Directors for our Homeowners’ Association I have been very satisfied with the job that Your HOA has done in such a short time. We had been with 2 other Management Companies in the last 5 years and have not gotten the results as we have in six-months since we asked them to be our Community Management Company. The work they have done speaks for itself. From working with realtors and title companies in town, to taking care of homeowner violations in a timely manner, Your HOA kicks butt. With their continued hard effort, I believe our community will soon be the community that everyone will want to be living in when relocating or a local resident looking to buy another home.

– Board Member

Your HOA has been a life saver working with our association. He has been prompt answering questions concerning all our questions on rules, tax returns and reports. I would recommend everyone hiring the Your HOA management team!

– Board Member

Since becoming President only few short months ago, Your HOA has done a great job keeping us going. They are very hands on and makes our job very simple. They are quick getting back to questions etc. I think the company is a great help for our community.

– Board Member

Your HOA has done a terrific job getting our HOA back on track. They are very knowledgeable and easy to work with. Your HOA makes serving as a board member easy! I would definitely recommend Your HOA to all homeowner’s associations!

– Board Member

Your HOA has been extremely helpful for our Board of Directors. It’s great having a local management company that cares about the community. They are very knowledgeable when it comes to our codes and covenants as well as the bylaws, and they are easy to get a hold of if there is ever an issue that we need their assistance with. They have been an excellent resource for us as we continue to improve our neighborhood and grow our community.

– Board Member

They have been very helpful about getting our HOA back on track. Always helpful and always ready to answer any questions we might have. And we have had many!!! I have found them to be full of knowledge and if they don’t not know the answer they will check it out. Very pleased with the work they have done for us.

– Board Member

Thanks a million to Your HOA for all your help!! I cannot thank you enough for accommodating the urgent closing, I greatly appreciate it!

– Associates Title Online

I had to order an HOA Letter for a property and was sent that letter back within the same day. This is amazing! I work with a lot of HOA Companies/individuals and it’s rare that we get express service as this, without being charged an extra fee. I appreciate your company’s very quick response to our needs. This makes our purchase transaction with the customers go so much smoother. Thanks again for your assistance, It’s greatly appreciated.

– First American Title

We are relatively new to the area and currently own over 200 homes.  As such, I work with several HOA/Property Management companies and I am happy to report, I received exceptional service from the Your HOA Team. They were quick to respond to my inquiries.  Clearly they understand the meaning of “customer service”.  Thanks Tim!

– Tricon American Homes

Working with Your HOA Team has been great,  together we are changing our community for the better. The last management company didn’t care or listen to what we wanted or needed.

– Board Member


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