January 24, 2018

Our Awesome Team!

Your HOA’s team comes from diverse backgrounds with strong customer service skills. Team members are provided intensive and ongoing internal education that is always focused on prompt and professional customer service to ALL of our communities.

At Your HOA, we treat our team like family. We pride ourselves on team development, loyalty, and consistency. We strive to build and maintain consistent relationships at all times.

Education is a top priority at Your HOA. We exceed the industry standards for association management education. We also encourage the continuing education of our employees and leadership team.

tim website 4     tim

Timothy A. Plunkett

Founder and CEO

Tim has over 20 years of Corporate Ownership and Management Experience. Prior to opening Your HOA, Tim held multiple high-level corporate positions in the Financial and Accounting Industry – Including overseeing the operations of his family business locations while successfully managing over a million in sales 5 years in a row. Tim uses his vast experience to provide the operational and financial guidance to our firm as well as being intimately involved in several of our large scale clients. In his free time, he enjoys camping and boating with his wife and kids, playing music and has even been known to fly an airplane or two.

“I feel that we are a new alternative to the large national corporations that are involved in HOA management today. Our communication is the key to the difference that Your HOA can make to your community.”

jenna website

Jenna L. Plunkett

Corporate Advisor

“We can save your association money just by using our services, it’s simple. We offer more for less money.”

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Kesha Robinson

Director of Operations

Kesha has over 23yrs of business management and executive administration experience. She has co-owned several business ventures that have allowed her to travel abroad, with the most recent trip being to Uganda. While there, she helped a launch a startup company whose purpose was to supply jobs and help support the orphanages in the community.

Since joining the team at Your HOA, Kesha has shown her excitement to help grow this business and to be a part of what we do – and she has done a great job at just that.

“The best part of our job is the relationships that we make with the board of directors. It’s like a family, we teach people how to work as a community…”

Erica website3

Erica R. Reveles

Director of Communications

Erica moved to Indiana in 2003 from Waco TX. She has spent most of her professional career in customer service and it shows. She has built lasting relationships with vendors, boards and homeowners alike. When not at work, she enjoys playing soccer and spending time with her family and friends. (Her 4 kids keep her busy!)

Since joining the Team, Erica has excelled in every task she has been given. She may not say much if you talk to her in person, but her skills in the communications department are unparalleled.

“We aren’t just some big corporation that is out to take your money… we really do want to help you and your community succeed whenever we can.”

Nichole Website 4Sam

Samantha D Miller

Inspections Specialist

Samantha (Sam) is a 37-year-old mother of 4 and a wife to her husband Christian. She is a Ball State graduate and loves spending time with her family and friends. Her faith in Jesus Christ is extremely important to her. She loves meeting new people and will do what she can to help someone in need.

Since joining our team she has excelled in the inspections department with an attention to detail and a great sense of humor : )

sam website4     nichole

Nichole D Brooks

Inspections Specialist

Nichole comes to us with many years of business management. She has co-owned a roofing business and has experience in the insurance industry. Nichole has two beautiful daughters and her hobbies include cake decorating, traveling and being a canoe river rat on the weekends.

We are proud to have her as part of our team as she brings great value to everything that she does.

Ron website

Ron Boyle

Co-Founder and Business Partner

“We understand the importance of a customized and personal approach to managing every community; our services are not “one size fits all”. We listen to our clients, develop services to meet their needs, and partner with them to protect the value of their communities, their families, and their assets.”

2019 Board Of Directors:

Timothy A. Plunkett – Chairman

Ronald Boyle – General Member

Amanda Yockey – General Member

Jenna L. Plunkett – Board Secretary