Architectural / Property Improvement Form

We Make Filling Out A Request Super Easy!

Approval of this application is based solely on the aesthetics and types of material used. It is the Homeowner’s Responsibility to secure Building Permits Prior to sending this form to the Association. Any project is subject to local Building Regulations and Restrictions of Record and the Codes & Covenants and Bylaws of your association.

PLEASE BE AWARE that any the following may be needed to complete this application:

1. A copy of your plot plan showing the location of your requested improvement
2. A copy of the Permit from the City (if required)
3. Copy of drawings of the deck or other improvements
4. Photo or drawing of the fence or other improvements
5. Color Swatches/chips of the paint(s) and/or stain(s) to be used (if applicable)
6. Copy of Land Survey (if applicable)

IMPORTANT: The Failure to send any of the above-required documents will inevitably delay your project approval.

Your HOA Community Management, Inc. and your Board of Directors are not responsible for incomplete submissions.

1Your Information
2Improvement Information
3Additional Information