You live in a community managed by "Your HOA"... Now what?

Your HOA Community Management, Inc. is here to make sure your life, in your beautiful home, with your HOA, goes just the way you want it to. We can help you handle everything from making payments, to changing or enhancing your property, to reporting rules violations. And we do it all in a way that’s totally convenient, simple, and you-friendly. Whatever your needs as a homeowner are, we have you covered. We offer online chat, email, and one-call resolutions, for better help, fast.

Things we handle for your community:

Homeowner Inquiries:

You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers.

Resident Concerns:

We can help you resolve concerns you have about your community.

Community Finances:

Confusion about your community finances? We can help you understand!

Vendor Management:

We’ll manage outside vendors for community projects, so they’re on time and on budget.

Create and Enforce Policy:

Working with your board, we’ll help create and enforce community policy.

HOA Dues:

You probably know your HOA has dues, but do you know where your money goes?

Things we don't handle for your community:

Making the big decisions.

Your governing documents provide the ground rules, and your board makes the important decisions for your community. We’re here to help put those decisions into action.

Providing vendor services.

While we help manage your vendors, we don’t provide services like landscaping, security, and maintenance.

Providing public services.

We leave these to your municipality and police department.

Offering legal services or advice.

We aren’t lawyers and don’t even play them on TV.

Disputes between neighbors and the HOA.

Resolving neighbor to neighbor disputes (just be nice, people!)

Payment Questions?

We make paying your assessment easy with one of our three easy options:

Pay by Mail
Payments can be placed in the return envelope received with your assessment statement. Mailed payments are processed electronically; please do not send cash. Check or money order payments should be made payable to the “association” and mailed to:

Your HOA Community Management
1547 N State Street #210
Greenfield, IN 46140

Pay Online
You can make a one-time payment, set up recurring payments, or view your account balance by using our online portal service. Visit your association’s website and select the ‘Account’ tab. From here, you can then create your account to pay your assessments. A small convenience fee will be charged if you choose to pay by Credit Card, or it’s Free if you choose to pay by ACH Debit.

Pay in Person
Stop by our local office to pay your bill directly. Our Local office accept check and money order payments (made payable to your association). It is located at 745 N State Street in Greenfield, IN.

Got A Violation Letter?

Do you have a question about a violation letter? FYI, most often it is a courtesy letter and if you’ve resolved the issue then there is likely nothing else you need to do. For more, checkout

If you’ve already taken a look and would like to talk to the inspections department, you are welcome to contact them directly at

Property Improvement?

If you are making a change to the exterior of your home – or a change anywhere on your lot – you need to obtain approval from the Architectural Control (or Review) Committee for your association before the project is started. Based on the governing documents of your association, there may be some exceptions to this; however, the general rule is that approval is needed for all requests. Getting approval from the association is always the safest course of action to prevent potential issues.

Complete the Property Improvement Request and attach complete, detailed building plans and specifications along with other helpful data which will better enable the ACC to review and make a decision on your request (pictures, paint/color samples, material samples, etc.). Include a plat map or your lot or home showing the location of the proposed improvement.

Use our online form to complete the Property Improvement Request. We will receive the form, complete the initial review, and submit your request to the ACC Committee. Click Here to complete the Improvement Request form.

All about the HOA...

You bought your home in an HOA or Community Association and became part of a "common interest development". As a result, you are required to share the costs of maintaining and operating your community’s common areas, equipment, and shared amenities; an inviting appearance goes a long way toward enhancing property values. These services are covered by your homeowners association fees, which each owner must pay. Payments are due monthly, annually, semi-annually, or quarterly, depending on your community.

HOA assessments (also known as “maintenance fees” or “dues”) are set by the Board of Directors, who determine each owner’s share based on projected annual expenses. Each year, the Board of Directors discusses the budget of the association based on the last few years’ spending trends, funding of the reserve or savings account, and planned projects for the upcoming year. Board members do not profit from HOA fees; they are homeowners just like you, and are obligated to pay assessments same as all owners.

You know you must pay an assessment, but do you know what this money is used for? Each association has its own unique rules and policies, so it is important that you read your community’s Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&Rs) and Bylaws to find out the specifics.

You can locate the budget under the "Shared Documents" section of your online account, or request a copy from

Did you know that your dues pay for all of this?

Ongoing Maintenance.

Ongoing maintenance and repairs to common areas, equipment, systems, and shared amenities. Depending on your community, this may include:

  • Lawn care and landscaping
  • Water and irrigation
  • A/C and heating systems in a clubhouse
  • Lighting throughout the community
  • Trash removal
  • Security system and gates
  • Cleaning, painting and upkeep of exteriors and common areas
  • Pest control
  • Maintenance of shared amenities such as a pool, clubhouse, playground, walking trail, basketball court, tennis court, etc.

Insurance Policies.

Your association must purchase a master insurance policy to protect your community’s building structures, exteriors, and community property against damage, plus other riders and add-ons as required by your community’s location, property type and other needs. Remember, this insurance does not replace your need to carry your own homeowner’s policy!

Utility Payments.

Homeowners’ associations cover the cost of electricity, lighting, water, heating, air conditioning, etc. for all of the community’s common areas.

Reserve funds.

Fiscally sound HOAs allocate a portion of their assessments to a special long-term reserve account to cover planned and budgeted renovations or repairs that do not occur on a regular basis, such as repaving interior roads and plastering the pool, resurfacing a pool deck and replacing gate motors. Id the reserve fund is not large enough to cover these expenses, your HOA will levy a special assessment to make up the difference, and this is an additional fee that you must pay.

Property Management.

To ensure their community’s ongoing operations and financial stability, many HOAs enlist the services of a professional community association management companies; their fees are covered by HOA dues assessments. A professional community management company will effectively implement policies set by the Board, and provide full-service management services that add value and enhance residents’ lifestyles.

There is another benefit to living in a common interest community and paying HOA fees – the ability to use and enjoy community amenities you may not be able to purchase and maintain on your own like a swimming pool, tennis courts or walking trails.

So while some people may consider HOA fees an unnecessary expense, they’re actually very necessary to enhance your lifestyle and keep your community clean, safe, beautiful and financially stable, which helps protect your property values.


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