September 6, 2018

Full HOA Management

Let Us Manage Your Community

The team at Your HOA is very capable of providing exceptional leadership and service to ensure your expectations are met. We have learned over time that client satisfaction is most often measured, not by how many tasks were achieved, but by what level of customer service was provided to homeowners by our team. Our team is committed to the highest standards and strives to exceed the expectations of the customer, homeowner, and the Board.

Why Us?

We reduce the “day to day” tasks and problems encountered by Board Members and are a consistent single point of contact for homeowners and vendors. We find that one of the greatest benefits we provide is the collecting and accounting of dues, paying vendors and producing financial statements for the board and homeowners. When HOA’s employ us as a management company we find that more homeowners are willing to serve on the boards as the workload is greatly reduced. We do not replace a board, we simply reduce the board members workload and work at the direction of the board.

We are the fastest growing HOA community management company in Indiana. We have the knowledge and ability to provide you with a solid foundation of planning, record keeping, policy enforcement, and financial management to set your community up for success in the future. We pride ourselves in our attention to detail and the proactive stance we take with every client.

We’re Here to Help!

We have a qualified and trained team to assist business owners and homeowners in all phases of association management. We operate on a team concept to effectively serve our clients to the best of our abilities. You are invited to contact one of the Your HOA team members with any concerns, needs or inquiries about your community. Our team is driven by the love of assisting and contributing to the successful communities that we are part of. Our goal is to make your community a great place to call home.

What We do:

  • Annual Elections/Annual Meetings
  • Attend Periodic Board of Directors Meetings
  • Monthly/Annual Assessments
  • Monthly/Annual Collection of Assessments
  • Monthly Past Due Notification to Owners
  • Payment of Bills
  • Banking & Bank Account Reconciliation
  • Mail Processing and Correspondence
  • Monthly Financial Reports
  • Maintenance Bidding and Scheduling
  • Contact Point for Homeowners
  • Liaison for Escrow Companies and Resale Certificates
  • Financial Management of Assets & Fund Balance as Needed
  • Covenant Enforcement
  • Other Services as Agreed Upon by the Board of Directors


  • COVENANT/BYLAWS CONTROL AND OVERSIGHT – We will monitor your community to ensure that all properties abide by the covenants, rules, and regulations of your community. We then send out violation letters as necessary, levy fines, and work with homeowners to bring them back into compliance.
  • HOMEOWNER INTERFACE – Maintain a friendly, professional relationship with owners by responding in a timely manner to all requests presented by the membership and handle all complaints in an effort to resolve issues as soon as possible.
  • INSURANCE – Maintain appropriate insurance obtaining bids for common area liability, property insurance, hazard insurance and D&O coverage for Directors.
  • ASSOCIATION RECORDS – Maintain the Association’s membership files and update or create records as membership in the Association changes.
  • ATTENDANCE AT BOARD AND ANNUAL MEETINGS – We attend both your regular Board and Annual meetings, staying as deeply involved or as hands off as you desire. We also take meeting minutes to later provide to the Board for review and approval. Advise and make recommendations to the board on important matters.

Finance and Accounting

  • PREPARATION OF MONTHLY FINANCIALS – We maintain all financial records relating to the HOA for each and every homeowner (including assessments, fines, interest, fees, and payments).
  • LIENS PROCESSING – Assist in preparing, recording and enforcing any liens and initiate legal action as directed by the Board of Directors.
  • ANNUAL BUDGET PREPARATION – Based on your prior year’s income and expenses, as well as the following year’s projected income and expenses, we develop a comprehensive annual budget for Board review and approval.
  • TAX FILINGS – Our in house tax accountant will produce your corporation tax returns on time, every time.

Vendor Management

  • CONTRACTOR BIDDING, MONITORING, AND DIRECTION – At the direction of the Board we will conduct a competitive bidding process among qualified contractors for all of your contractor needs. To carry out this process, we solicit bids from firms that we know and trust as well as your current contractors and others.
  • CONTRACT NEGOTIATION – Once you have chosen a vendor, we will work with that contractor to negotiate an agreement that serves the best interests of your community. Our role in the negotiation is to facilitate, as opposed to hinder, the process.
  • VENDOR COMPLIANCE – Reviewing all contractor licensing and insurance requirements to ensure all contractors are fully licensed and insured, including workers’ compensation insurance.
  • VENDOR OVERSIGHT – We will then monitor those contractors through regular inspections and through Board and homeowner input to ensure that all of your contractors perform as they should. This ensures that you receive the service you deserve and that your contractors perform as requested.