Homeowner Document Request Form

Please Be advised, per IC 32-25.5…

(1) the financial records, including all contracts, invoices, bills, receipts, and bank records, of a homeowners association, must be available for inspection by each member of the homeowners association upon written request; and

(2) the minutes of meetings of the homeowners association board, including the annual meeting, must be available to a member of the homeowners association for inspection upon the homeowners association member’s request, which may be submitted:

(A)in person;
(B) in writing; or
(C) by electronic mail.

In addition to the right to inspect the meeting minutes of the homeowners association board, a member of a homeowners association has the right to attend any meeting of the homeowners association board, including an annual meeting of the board. However, the board of directors may meet in private to discuss delinquent assessments. The board of directors may also meet in private with legal counsel to discuss the initiation of litigation,
or to discuss litigation that either is pending or has been threatened specifically in writing. As used in this subsection, “litigation” includes any judicial action or administrative law proceeding under state or federal law.

A written request for inspection must identify with reasonable particularity the information being requested. A member’s ability to inspect records under this section shall not be unreasonably denied or conditioned upon provision of an appropriate purpose for the request. The homeowners
association may charge a reasonable fee for the copying of a record requested under this subsection if the homeowners association member requests a written copy of the record.

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This information is used for association business only, and is not forwarded, shared or traded with anyone else for personal or commercial interest.