December 19, 2016

Copeland Farms COA

On this page you will find information for Copeland Farms Community Association.

The Annual dues for Copeland Farms are $175.00. These payments are Past Due as of April 1st, 2019.

A Late fee of $20.00 will be applied to all Past Due accounts.

Pay By Credit Card or ACH Debit

ACH (direct bank transfers) are charged a 2% fee while cards are charged at 4% + $0.50.

If you wish to pay with a Check, please make your check for $175.00 out to:

Copeland Farms,COA
1547 N State Street #210
Greenfield, IN 46140

Association Documents:

Copeland Farms COA – Association Bylaws

Copeland Farms COA – Codes and Covenants

Copeland Farms COA – Balance Sheet (Operating Account) 2016

Copeland Farms COA – Balance Sheet (Reserve Account) 2016

Copeland Farms COA – 12/19/2016 Meeting Minutes

Copeland Farms COA – 01/20/2017 Meeting Minutes

Copeland Farms COA – 04/04/2017 Meeting Minutes

Copeland Farms COA – 2017 Budget Cover Letter (mailed December, 1st 2016)

Copeland Farms COA – 2017 Proposed Budget/2016 Actual (mailed December, 1st 2016)

Copeland Farms COA – 03/27/2017 Annual Meeting Questions with Answers

Copeland Farms COA – 07/17/2017 Meeting Minutes

Exterior Change Forms:

Copeland Farms Architectural Request Form

If you are considering an exterior improvement to your property such as exterior painting, home extension, deck, patio, fence, mailbox, concrete driveway, sidewalks or landscaping, Swing-set or play-set, download and complete the Architectural Change Request form above.

Submit a copy of the Architectural Form along with:

1. A copy of your plot plan showing the location of your requested improvement

2. A copy of the Permit from the City (if required):

10 S. State St.
Greenfield, 46140
Telephone: 317-477-4320

3. For deck or fence requests, complete the attached deck/fence material list

4. Color of finished product

5. Copy of drawings of deck or other improvements

6. Photo or drawing of fence or other improvement

You received a copy of a Mortgage Survey Plot Plan in your closing papers from the Title Company upon the closing of your home. If you cannot locate your paperwork, you can obtain a copy from the Hancock County Recorders Office.

To expedite the review process, scan and upload your completed documents for email to:

Note: The Architectural Committee Has 15 Days to Approve or Deny Your Request

City/County Building Permits Are Your Responsibility

The City/County require building permits for certain projects both inside and outside your home. The links below will help you in determining if the project requires permitting. If you have any doubts about items requiring a permit, contact the City of Greenfield.

Association Vendors:

Landscaping – Berger Hargis Landscape Management
Pond Maintenance – Aquatic Services of Indiana
Association Management – Your HOA Community Management, Inc.
Insurance – Shepherd Insurance (Cincinnati Insurance Package)
Utilities – Greenfield Utilities

Trash/Recycling Companies:

Republic Services
Pick-up: Monday
96 Gallon Container is available but not required
Recycling Available at additional Cost
Rates: Variable Package – Call for Information
Billed: Quarterly
Rates Include Fuel Surcharge

CGS Services
(765) 763-6258
Pick-up: Friday
96 Gallon Container is available but not required
14 Bag Limit per week
Rates: $16.00 per month
Billed: Quarterly (Auto-Pay is available)
Recycling $5.25 per month

FISK Services
Pick-up: Wednesday
96 Gallon Container is $3.00 per month
Rates: $16.00 per month
Billed: Quarterly (Auto-Pay is available)
No Fuel Surcharge or Environmental Fees

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