December 1, 2017

Board Education

Your HOA recognizes that successful community leaders must couple skills and information with their passion to serve their community. Over the last few years, it has become clear to us that well-informed executive Board members make better community leaders. Our goal is to always help our community leaders be more effective. Working as their partner, it is our pleasure to help provide the latest information, skills and techniques to our clients.

To assist community leaders, our staff regularly teaches in person and via webinar, seminars for our clients. Regular topics include understanding governing documents, leaders’ roles and responsibilities, community communication, meetings and volunteerism.  Additional topics include fundamentals of financial management, understanding working with professional providers and service providers, understanding Association rules and expert conflict resolution.

Board Member Education Documents

Your HOA knows executive Board members need tools to help them perform their duties right away. The following are some tools that Board members tell us they appreciate.

Board Members


Management Company

Documents from Community Associations Institute

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