What Does Our Management Company Do?

Homeowners receive non-compliance notices from the management company. Homeowners send assessment checks to the management company. Homeowners report common area maintenance problems to the management company. So the management company makes all the important decisions regarding our community, right? WRONG! The management function of a Homeowners Association or Condominium Association is administrative in nature. The[…]

Service – Performance – Relationships…

Your HOA Community Management, Inc. understands that in this fast paced world, responsive service cannot be compromised. We take our service personally. Service is supported by our performing consistently at the highest levels to maximize your association’s potential. Both the big picture and the little details get our best efforts. In the end, it all[…]

Does My Association Need to File a Tax Return?

Community management companies are diligent about filing tax returns for their HOA clients. I know this because I prepare a lot of those returns for our community management company. Unfortunately, self-managed associations often don’t know about the requirement, and therefore don’t file the returns. My estimate is that at least 25% of self-managed associations don’t[…]

Using a Professional Management Company

Why use a professional management company? Self-management is a comprehensive job to take on as a volunteer. It can become a full-time job and can take away from the enjoyment of simply living in your community. A manager relieves some of those duties by managing the day-to-day affairs. For individual members to provide mandated services[…]