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Providing knowledgeable guidance and support for our customers is our highest priority.  In your career as a Community Support Team Member, you will be the bridge that supports and provides assistance to our communities and customers. We value individuals who possess exceptional listening skills, are able to provide effective resolutions and can accurately communicate the needs of customers.

A job with our Community Support Team means caring about and being devoted to providing the right level of service to our team members, our communities and each one of our customers.


As an accounting specialist, your job is to manage the funds of our associations. Because of this, we take great pride and care in maintaining the integrity of our clients’ finances.

Ultimately, Accounting is a top priority for our organization. From financial reporting to accounts receivable and accounts payable, our Accounting department keeps our associations operating. Our team works collaboratively across all departments and also provides direct service to our clients.

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Maintaining the physical integrity and appearance of our associations is vital to our success. How nice and clean a property looks is the first thing a homeowner will notice, and of course, safety is always important.

Our Maintenance and Custodial teams keep our clients happy by making sure everything is well kept and in good working condition.

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