Prior to the Meeting:

Meeting letters (notices) will be drafted by our Board Team. Once approved by the board of directors, they will be mailed out to the community per the notice requirement for your community. At the same time the mailing is sent to production, an email blast containing the letter and the link to the online meeting will be sent to every homeowner in the community that has an email on file.

A week prior to the meeting, another email blast will go out to the community containing the letter and the link to the online meeting.

Finally, on the day of the meeting, a final email blast will go out to the community containing the letter and the link to the online meeting.

At the Meeting:

Our team will start the meeting approximately (15) minutes early. This will give our team the time to make sure that technology is on our side and everything is up and running as it should.

Note: We ask that all board members show up at least (5) minutes early to the meeting as doing this allows us to help with any final questions from the board prior to letting the homeowners join.

At the scheduled meeting time, our team will start the process of letting others into the meeting. Our team will take attendance, though it will not count towards the “quorum” number as that will come later with the mail-in ballots.

Important: The zoom meeting will be for “informational purposes” as no voting will take place during the actual zoom annual meeting.

The agenda will provide for discussions of the current year’s budget vs actual and the nominees for the election that will take place via the U.S. Mail after the meeting.

Note: What is discussed is based on your association’s governing documents such as the Bylaws.

Finally, the floor will be opened for homeowner questions. This question and answer session can be a few minutes long, or as much as an hour. This is entirely up to the board.

After the Meeting:

Once the meeting is finished, our team will prepare the ballots to be mailed to the community. They will include all of the items to be voted on from the meeting. (Budget, Election, etc.) Over the following few weeks, (usually 3-5), the votes (ballots) will be tallied and if the number of ballots returned constitutes a “quorum” per your governing documents, the vote(s) will be official.

Note: If they do not constitute a quorum, then the meeting and votes will not be valid at which time the board can decide to try for another attempt if they want.

Other things to remember:

As always, our team will be there moderating the meeting and to assist the board of directors with anything they need. We do not expect you to know everything about an annual meeting, elections, or nominations… That is our job : ) – That being said, our team is always happy to explain every aspect ahead of time and even provide training to any board members who would like it.

Just let us know and we will be ready to accommodate!

Have a question? Need more info? Just wanna say hi?

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