The Role of Your Management Company

There are many complexities involved in running a community governed by an HOA. Residents may wonder what the difference is between their HOA board and their HOA management company. Members of the board may question if they should invest in an HOA management company, or if they have the one best suited to them. Either way, this article will help you understand what the role of your HOA management company is and how you can make the most of their services.

Saving Time
While it is great that HOA communities are run by the people who actually live in them, this also usually means that those people have their own jobs and lives. Since running an HOA can be a full-time job in and of itself, many communities elect to hire an HOA management company to help protect their time and make sure someone’s full-time attention is devoted to making their community run smoothly.

Being a Front
One excellent use of an HOA management company is using them as a front for residents to come to when they have a problem. The management company can then take these concerns to board meetings to be discussed there. This saves board members from having residents knocking on their doors with complaints while making sure that everyone’s concerns are able to be heard and addressed.

Carrying Out
Hiring an HOA management company is an excellent way to take care of day-to-day logistical matters. While the community’s HOA board makes the rules to be followed in the community, the management company can help to make sure these rules are being followed, collect assessments, maintain landscaping and amenity maintenance, and take care of the many other details that would otherwise take a lot of time away from regular community members.

Among many other reasons, some of which are listed above, one important reason many communities choose to employ an HOA management company is for their expertise. Because they deal with the affairs of many different HOA communities, they are likely to have encountered any problem your community may have. HOA management companies can provide professional guidance on association accounting, conflict resolution, vendor selection, and all other various aspects of running a community.

In the end, an HOA management company can be a great asset to help keep your community running like a well-oiled machine. It’s important to remember that no matter what HOA management company you choose, you as the board are still fully in charge of all the decisions made for your community. At Your HOA, our job is to help make your job easier and more rewarding!