There are many community association management companies to choose from in Central Indiana… so how do you find the company that is the right fit for your condominium or homeowners association?

Homeowners associations and condominiums are the fastest growing form of housing in Indiana; yet there is little guidance and many barriers to developing and sustaining a successful Homeowners Association.

As HOAs and Condos become more prevalent, the laws governing them have become more complicated. Lack of knowledge regarding legal requirements and concerns about board responsibility/liability are common hurdles with which many Association volunteers struggle.

If your board is looking for guidance for its volunteer managed Association and wants to learn how to effectively maintain a positive neighborhood experience, we may be able to help.

HOA Management Should…

1. Be flexible and able to meet your community’s specific needs
2. Provide excellent, yet affordable service
3. Help you provide positive and consistent results for your homeowners

If you are…

  • Struggling to identify volunteers to serve on the association board and committees
  • Finding that the same people are serving on the board year after year
  • Experiencing poor attendance at meetings and the lack of a quorum is making it difficult to conduct business
  • Wanting to enhance and maintain property values through consistent covenant enforcement… but remain neighborly
  • Not sure your association is operating in accordance with the laws in Indiana
  • Having difficulty collecting assessments and managing budget constraints

We believe we can help . . .

Your HOA Community Management wants to partner with your community. We’d like to make your job as a community leader a little bit easier and save you time and money.

To help you on your way, please download our free HOA and Condo Association Checklist.

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