Using a Professional Management Company

Why use a professional management company?

Self-management is a comprehensive job to take on as a volunteer. It can become a full-time job and can take away from the enjoyment of simply living in your community. A manager relieves some of those duties by managing the day-to-day affairs.

For individual members to provide mandated services free of charge, it places unequal burdens on themselves and other homeowners. No one wants to have to tell their neighbor that they need to mow their yard!

Dealing with items such as insurance, contractors, maintenance, enforcement and legal issues will cost an inexperienced volunteer an extensive amount of time and labor. Our job is to provide these services and we are professionally trained on how to handle them.

Professionally managed communities retain their growth in attractiveness to potential buyers, which results in higher property values.

Association management is hard work! It involves many facets such as financial management, physical property management, and administrative management, among others. Professional community managers have processes in place to make management more efficient and reliable.

Board members change from year to year – having a manager will ensure that the new board starts off where the old board left off and will ensure that the new board is trained to handle their responsibilities.

The benefits of using a community manager to help with association management are endless. Above are only some of the reasons why community management is more efficient over self-management.


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