Should You Believe Everything You Hear about HOA Management Companies?

Myth #1: HOA Management Runs the Community

HOA management is not there to run the community. That’s the role of the board of directors. The board makes the decisions, with input from HOA members, on how they want the ship to run and where they want to steer it, and the management company helps make it all happen. Their job is to support the board members, take some of the work off their plate, and manage the financial and administrative aspects of the community oversight.

Myth #2: HOA Management Tries to Make the Rules

Community members who try to go around the rules set by their HOA might have a bad taste in their mouth when it comes to the management company. The truth is that the board is responsible for setting the policies and guidelines of the neighborhood, and the management company is responsible for helping to enforce those rules and guidelines.

One of the benefits of an HOA is that it creates continuity in a neighborhood, and everyone does their share to keep it a desirable place to live.

Myth #3: HOA Management  Controls the Vendors and Contractors Used in the Community

HOA managers have relationships with vendors that can provide cost savings to the association as well as the homeowners. That said, the members can give their input to the board, and they have the decision-making power when it comes to what vendors to use.

Myth #4: HOAs Hurt Your Home Value

There is a misconception that an HOA will hurt the home values in the community. The primary goal of an HOA and, in turn, an HOA manager, is to improve the community for the homeowners and residents. They strive to create and enforce regulations that require cleanliness, home maintenance and upkeep, landscaping that enhances the homes and the neighborhood as a whole, and amenities such as clubhouses and pools.

Instead of bringing down the value due to an illusion that the HOA is trying to control the residents, the HOA can protect or even increase home values. Potential home buyers appreciate a guaranteed level of security and oversight when it comes to the community they choose.

Don’t believe everything you hear when it comes to homeowners’ associations and the companies that manage them. Take a look for yourself and find out what you need to know about reliable HOA management by contacting our team at Your HOA Community Management today.

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